Tutoring is great, especially when offered by tutors who know their craft. Most parents are likely to take their kids to private tutors. Few are willing to consider the role a volunteer tutor can play. What they may not realize is a volunteer tutor can be just as good and effective as one paid to do the job. For this reason, there is no problem in hiring a volunteer Staten Island tutor to give your child the best start in life.

What should you expect from a volunteer tutor?

Attention to Children

A volunteer provides attention to a small group or individual. Consequently, the individuals or small groups of kids are able to gain from these one-on-one moments and learn a lot. A big percentage of students struggle to learn when in large groups. They feel intimated thus unable to concentrate and do their best. Volunteer tutors remove all these barriers to solid education.

Engages and Relates with Children

Volunteer tutors can be just as engaging with those they teach. They involve students in:
a) Writing
b) Reading
c) Listening
Volunteer tutors are able to give the kids enjoyable learning experiences.

Encourages and Supports Children

Positive feedback, encourage and support often motivate kids to perform at the top level all the time. What this does is to make the children feel a sense of accomplishment. Kids who receive constant positive feedback, encouragement, and support often feel successful. They become more confident and are able to express what they think without feeling unworthy. That and more is what the volunteer tutor can help children to be.

Helps with Homework

Normally, teachers give their students homework as a way of gauging if they understand what they have been taught. Homework also presents parents with an opportunity to see how their kids are faring with education. It is rather common for kids to need assistance with their homework. Even when the parents are not able to help, volunteer tutors are often available. They take everything to the next level. They make time to help the kids with homework in the understanding that what they do enables the young minds to understand everything better and show more interest in education.

Models a Love for Reading and Writing

Researchers and educators have said multiple times that kids learn by observing what others do. For this reason, it’s important to model a life of loving activities such as reading and writing. Volunteer tutors can help with that too. They are well capable and experienced enough to demonstrate how pleasurable and fun reading and writing can be. They can help kids see first hand how valuable these two activities are. Some of these lessons stay with these kids forever.

In the classroom, a lot of literacy learning takes place. However, these lessons do not have to begin and end in the classroom only. That is where the volunteer tutors come in once again. They can extend their support to these types of lessons beyond the classroom. The fact that volunteer tutors are a flexible lot makes them the ideal group to help kids to learn and develop a deep love for classwork and education in general.

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