Movers are involved in transporting thousands of dollars every day, and as such, they need to be held accountable. These movers are needed to follow safety guidelines set by the industry. As a consumer, you require to verify that the mover you are hiring follows these safety guidelines before you give your items to them for transport.

Before you hire a mover, ensure you ask for licensing, certifications and bonding. These industry-specific accreditations make it easier for you to follow legal channels when your mover breaks the term of your contract. The documents also reveal the legitimacy of the business and also its reputation.


A mover’s certificate shows what a mover is supposed to transport and this is the only item that you should let them haul for you. If, for instance, you are looking for the best movers NYC for pianos, you need to look for a mover that specializes in moving pianos. For a mover to earn a certificate in a specific category, they need to demonstrate that they can move that item safely.

The safety guidelines ensure that the items being transported reach their destination intact and that other motorists on the road are also safe. In the US, there are about 30 certificates, each for a different item from meat to horticulture to general freight and household goods.


The homeowner might assume that the moving company will be responsible for any breakages and damages that occur to their household goods but this does not always happen. The mover needs to have enough insurance to cover for damages without chipping into their pockets. Before you hire one, therefore, ask for their insurance documents.

According to consumer protection agencies, moving companies that have not been insured are risky. Even your lawyer might fail to help if you choose a business that is not insured. A business that has no liability coverage means that the homeowner will shoulder all the costs of damages and injuries.

Department of Transport Records

The DoT has records of all movers including their certifications and their insurance statuses. You can always check the records of these businesses on their website to ensure that you have the right mover. From the website, you can access the license number of the moving company, see their past history and their qualifications.

You can see companies that have been involved in accidents before and any safety regulations that the company has ever ignored. This will assist you in reaching the right decision. If a mover fails to meet any of the legal requirements, then you should avoid them.

Which Mover if the Best?

A mover that has not met needed legal requirements might not be known by the necessary authorities, and this makes it challenging to follow them when they break the law. A well registered, certified and insured business is easier to track and trustworthy.

If a mover fails to honor the terms of a contract, you can hire a lawyer to track them and get justice for the items that were to be moved.

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