There is a growing trend that makes use of plants and gardening in order to promote health and well-being among individuals. There are many benefits of this practice. Primarily, since gardening requires a lot of attention, it can be a stress reliever. It can also be calming being in the presence of nature especially if it has been done outdoors. However, the good thing about horticultural therapy is that it can also be done in the comfort of your own home. This can be a great way to relax after long hours of work.

Urban gardening is fast becoming a trend. And with this, you can actually take make room for plants even if you have a small living space. The same is true for small offices. You can make use of indoor plants in order to give the employees a chance to relax and see some greenery despite having a stressful environment.

Basically what horticultural therapy promotes is a change in the mood of the person. It gives someone the chance to relax and even find a better sense of purpose while taking care of the plants. And for these reasons, it can actually increase productivity and the happiness of people within the workplace.

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